The Victim Addiction

The Victim Addiction has been written to assist those who struggle with ineffective emotional patterns either in their life or in the life of someone they love. These unconscious patterns have the power to disrupt relationships, sabotage happiness and hold us back from our ability to succeed.

The Victim Addiction will assist you in going from feeling powerless in your circumstances to being powerful in your life. The principles will introduce you to  solid, proven principles that when applied will free you from unconscious emotional patterns that are generating havoc in your life. The concepts are offered in a nonjudgmental, down-to-earth and easy-to-comprehend way. To help personalize and incorporate these concepts, interactive processes have been included throughout the book.

Also included are some of my real-life experiences of heartache, struggle and pain and ultimate success. I share these ideas with you, hoping you will put them to use, so you can enjoy the life-changing benefits they have to offer. I have always admired Mother Teresa, she not only  changed her  life, but her life changed a nation and the world. She once said, “I am just an ordinary person with an  extraordinary story.” I, too, am just an ordinary person, and The Victim Addiction is my extraordinary story—a story of Courage, Choice and Conscious Change. ~ Victoria Lee Carlyle Google+

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               The Victim Addiction will give you the power you have been looking for.  You can transform your life by utilizing tools that will assist you in creating a  Fabulous New Life!


toribsaanimotoVictoria Lee Carlyle is a three time bestselling author, trainer, speaker and coach. Her programs help people to overcome perceived obstacles that stand in the way of living a fulfilled life. Contact Victoria to discuss speaking opportunities or coaching and training.

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